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    Coastal Canine Bone Broth Powder Supplement for Dogs - 180g

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    New Zealand Beef Bone Broth Powder Does your dog have itchy skin? Problematic poop? A general flatness? Good health starts in the gut. Add our gut-nourishing bone broth to your dog's meals & watch them shine like the star they are.

    Coastal Canine bone broth powder contains 86% collagen & scientifically verified high levels of glycine, proline & glutamic acid - the amino acids that support gut lining impermeability. A strong gut wall ensures nutrients are absorbed & toxins are kept out. But it can be damaged due to stress, age, processed food, medication & environmental toxins. A healthy digestive system has a flow-on effect on your dog's skin, coat, nails, breath & general vitality.

    Benefits Convenient - all the goodness of a bone broth, with the convenience of a powder. Versatile - serve as a powder or liquid. Delicious - lovely mild flavour that is great for dogs with an upset tummy & fussy eaters who need encouragement to eat or drink. Perfect for seniors - soften kibble with liquid broth to make it easier to eat.

    The authentic beef scent helps stimulate older dogs’ appetites. Independently tested - verified high collagen & amino acid content. Low histamine & heavy metal content. Naturally nutritious - rich source of collagen, protein and electrolytes with 0% fat.

    High solubility - mixes well with water. Free from common additives like salt, flow agents or apple cider vinegar. Ingredients 180g New Zealand grass-fed beef bone broth powder.

    Pancreatic Dogs:

    The Coastal Canine Bone Broth powder is safe for dogs with Pancreatitis.
    It has almost no fat, no added salt and is great for encouraging dogs to drink as dogs who are recovering from pancreatitis often struggle with dehydration. 
    It is also rich in electrolytes, which help keep their fluid levels balanced. 

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