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Northland Petfood Testimonials and Reviews

Here at Northland Petfood, we take pride in helping your pet achieve a long & healthy life through natural, New Zealand-made goodness!

Take a look at what our amazing customers say about us!



"My dog Nala was suffering from stomach upsets, a rash on her tummy, recurring UTIs, inflamed ears and after she ate he eyes would be red and runny. She has now been on ‘Grain be gone’ for over 12 months and her coat is shiny, her eyes clear and the rash has permanently gone. She still nibbles her back toes sometimes but I use a probiotic spray which seams to help. Her digestion is all settled, if she eats anything with Rice, Chicken or pork in it her whole systems is majorly  upset again. Hard to believe she is the same dog, thanks team."



"My mate Blu was born on 31 March 2021 he was the runt of the litter by a mile!!! At 4 weeks old I took him and reared him as his condition was deteriorating. He thrived and it wasn not the plan but I fell in love with him.

For the following 12 months his bowel motions ranged from very soft to liquid until I thought I had nailed his diet finding kumara, rice, chicken necks/mince and boiled eggs resulted in normal motions. Fast forward 8 months or so and his messy bowel habits returned.

I looked long and hard into more diets, supplements and foods produced here in New Zealand. I learnt that he would greatly benefit from some probiotics at least and this is when I discovered Northland Pet Food. After a long informative discussion with Nika at the beginning of January this year I ordered probiotics and 20kgs of Grain Be Gone!!!

WOOHOO...he has had normal bowel motions ever since!!!!

The past couple of weeks he has gotten bored with his diet so I took Nikas advice and added potato and tuna in spring water...suffice to say he's not bored now LOL.

As it has been at least 6 weeks I have added a tablespoon of white rice, once again advised by Nika and his motions are still good.

Today Nika has advised to very slowly add different foods, one at a time, chicken, lamb, etc. to find the cause of the stomach irritation.

I have just placed his next order which includes a jumper because it was an awesome bargain!!!

I would like to emphasize that this is a massive financial commitment for me as his diet payments (LayBuy) is now 1/3 of my weekly income. I am very appreciative of receiving an Invalids Benefit as I have a painful physical disability but I am very thrifty and his health is paramount.

Thank you, thankyou, thankyou Northland Pet Food for great digestive health for Blu and NO MORE RUNNY POOS TO CLEAN UP!!!!"