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About Us

Northland Petfood sells pet food direct to the public throughout New Zealand, we currently focus on the HUNTER Dog food range as this is a high quality, NEW ZEALAND MADE and very cost effective food.

NPF [Northland Petfood] is nutritionally equal [ if not better] than the products sold by vets but at a fraction of the cost. In a price comparison NPF ranged from 21% to 41% cheaper than equivalent products made by Proplan/ Hills Science Diet/ Eukanuba/ Iams and Nutrience.

In comparing to Standard Pet food that you may buy from grocery stores etc, the main difference with Premium Dry Dog Food is that it is a 'complete food' of meat and vegetables with all the necessary vitamins & nutrients. NPF has been formulated in New Zealand to ensure Kiwi dogs are kept happy and healthy.

The other main difference of Premium Dry Dog Food is their higher digestibility. For instance, a premium dry pet food might have an 80% digestibility as opposed to say, 40% for a cheaper dog biscuit.

This means that for every 100gm of premium food fed and eaten, 80gm is digested and only 20gm ends up as poop. The same amount of the cheaper brand would end up with only 40gm digested and 60gm of poop.

NPF has a product to suit dogs of all ages including Active dogs or those with sensitivities. The range comes in 1KG/ 5KG or 20KG Bags and is as follows

  • Hunter ADULT 
  • Hunter ACTIVE 
  • Hunter PUPPY
  • Hunter GRAIN BE GONE
  • Hunter Joint Supplement For Joint Stiffness & Immobility [1kg]
100% GE Free, 100% Wheat Gluten Free, 100% Chicken Free
No Artificial Flavours, Colouring or Preservatives
- reduce the risk of Allergies, Eczemas, Stomach Disorders & Cancers!

Quality Dry Dog Food should NOT contain:

  • By-products of hooves, beaks etc often produced through the rendering process of recycled dead animals etc
  • Artificial preservatives (BHA, BHT, or Ethoxyquin)
  • Artificial colors
  • Sweeteners
  • Propylene glycol