Dental Health

 New Zealand Made Northland Petfood Natural Pets

We have plenty of natural, New Zealand Made options to keep your pup's dental health on point! Take a look at our fantastic range below!

The Biopet Dental is a wonderful product to pop on their teeth 20 minutes before they are given a chew, it helps soften and loosen the plaque and tartar so it comes of more easily when they get their treat! You can also pop a few drops in their water daily.

Top Selling teeth cleaning chews  for Small [ fussy!] Breeds-

Bully Sticks- All-time Favorite!

Dynavyte Dyara Chews - Add a probiotic to your dog's chew!

Steer Sticks- much firmer for hard chewers/ smaller terriers / teething puppies etc


Top Selling teeth cleaning chews for medium / Large Breeds-

Smokey Venison Chews - Fantastic for All dogs

Pizzle Sticks - for hard out chewers/ teething puppies [med / large breed]

Cow Hooves - for hard out chewers/ teething puppies [med / large breed]


Be sure to check out the rest of our treat range for more amazing options, anything they actively chew on will help clean and polish their teeth, our Natural treats have no nasties so great for their taste buds too!