ZIWI Peak Air Dried Tripe and Lamb 454g

ZIWI Peak Air Dried Tripe and Lamb 454g

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The Ziwi Peak Air-Dried range has been formulated to meet the natural and instinctive nutritional needs of your dog by mirroring the wild prey, natural diet so that when you feed your dog, you can have peace of mind that you’re providing all the complete and balanced nutritional support required from a source and brand you can trust.

Made with over 35% nourishing and highly palatable green tripe

Green Tripe is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and probiotics

Made with 96% Meat, Organs and New Zealand Green mussels to match your dog's biological needs for a diet rich in meat

Free-range, grass fed lamb. Ethically-raised year round on New Zealand pastures.

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