Flea & Freshen Daily Spritzer 250ml

Flea & Freshen Daily Spritzer 250ml

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Minty Woodland Fresh

Controlling fleas is an ongoing problem. 100% Natural Flea+Freshen Spritzer is an excellent product in your toolkit to keep fleas away. It is so natural that you can spray it on your dog, its bedding, in the car, around your home, on furniture, anywhere your dog lays. It leaves a fresh woodland fragrance and keeps fleas at bay.

You want your dog to smell fresh and pleasant all the time without overwhelming it with chemical shampoos and synthetic fragrances.

WashBar 100% Natural Daily Spritzers arent just perfumes or colognes, they are so much more! A coat freshener, deodorant and flea repellent.

Whats really different about our spritzers is they are genuinely 100% natural. Theres no alcohol in them to irritate sensitive skin and everything in the bottle is directly derived from a plant, or pure, clean water from New Zealand.

Ideal for keeping the dog smelling fresh between baths, or to make your dog smell nice at the home or in the car, or when the dog smells and its too cold, too wet or simply too inconvenient to give it a wash give it a quick spritz instead.

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