Pizzle Stick - Hard Chewers!

Pizzle Stick - Hard Chewers!

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The Ultimate Dental Chew, no bone so no stress! This is a hard out chew that is guaranteed to not only give a great dental clean, it will keep Keeping them busy with the delicious taste! 

These come in both 15cm and 30cm lengths, the 15 cm lengths are great for smaller dogs who are hard chewers like terriers/ schnauzers etc. For Smaller dogs/ toy breeds check out our Beef Sticks as the softer alternative they enjoy. The 30cm option keeps my hard out chew monsters quiet for a good 45 minutes!

Fully digestible and 100% natural, put the goodness in and you get the goodness out.

Made from New Zealand Beef, these treats are 100% natural, dehydrated and high in protein. Export quality & following on from the Veterinary Association of NZ- don't compromise your dogs health with treats from unknown origins- NZ Natural is Best!

Our Treats are all fully NEW ZEALAND MADE from the meat through to the manufacture. We use NO Chemicals, Flavourants, colourants or preservatives, they are 100% natural and free from any nasties.

 For dogs who are itchy or have food sensitivities we recommend our Novel Protein Treats- any of the following flavours are safe for itchy dogs- Possum, Venison, Kangaroo, Fish, Mussel, Goat, Hare, these are Hypoallergenic and will not cause any itching to your dog.