Natura Beef Liver Treats 100gm or 500gm

Natura Beef Liver Treats 100gm or 500gm

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SAVE 15% With our 500g Bags!

A firm favourite for all dogs large to small, these mouth-watering treats are great as a training aid or just as a treat. The firm snap is a distinct sound that dogs will come running for.

Available in 2 sizes the handy 100g or the 500g value bag.

Made from New Zealand Beef, these treats are 100% natural, dehydrated and high in protein. Export quality & following on from the Veterinary Association of NZ- don't compromise your dog's health with treats from unknown origins- NZ is Best!

Our Treats are all fully NEW ZEALAND MADE from the meat through to the manufacture. We use NO Chemicals, Flavourants, colourants or preservatives, they are 100% natural and free from any nasties.

For dogs who are itchy or have food sensitivities we recommend, our Novel Protein Treats- any of the following flavours are safe for itchy dogs- Possum, Venison, Kangaroo, Fish, Mussel, Goat, Hare, these are Hypoallergenic and will not cause any itching to your dog.

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