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Pet ID Tags

These are the best pet tags we have ever used, my dog's are super hard on theirs and like to pull them off of each other while playing and rough housing. 5 years in and the enamel colours looks as good as they did the day they arrived, and the super strong ring connection has yet to be pulled apart.

Their amazing quality and colour choices will suit tiny princesses to big brutes. If you are feeling extra glitzy be sure to check out their amazing Swarovski Zirconia Crystal collection!

Even Better is that they are hypoallergenic on the dogs and do not rust or corrode when swimming etc.

These are a must have for the safety of your dog! The price includes personalized engraving and delivery to your door !

All you need to do is select your style, standard or Diamante and we will courier you a card with a unique code, You then pop onto their online store and select the colour size and style of your choice. I personally vouch for these tags- they are not only bullet proof they are gorgeous too!


*These come from Aus, please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping- we worth the wait I can assure you!

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