Piss Off!! Urine Absorber Spray 250ml

Piss Off!! Urine Absorber Spray 250ml

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Piss Off! has revolutionised the removal of cat & dog urine odour but also works on all animal odours. An amazing product that treats the problem of trapping the odour by absorption. This does not work like a deodoriser, it actually targets and destroys the molecules causing the smell!

* Does not cover up or mask with perfumes.
* Enzyme-based and bio-degradable.
* Colourless and odourless product will revolutionise the way you clean and refresh your home.
* Spray the affected area liberally with the solution.
* Best results will be achieved on dry surfaces or garments.
* Fantastic results in an instant.
* Made in Australia.
* 250mL

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