Pet One Flea Comb Mini

Pet One Flea Comb Mini

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Pet One’s Classic Grooming Range keeps your pampered pets looking neatly groomed and fabulous with carefully selected high quality grooming tools.
Pet One offer brushes, combs and other grooming items for all creatures great and small. Regular grooming will keep your pet happy, healthy and looking great.

HANDY TIP- Have warm soapy water on the side to dip Flea Comb into between strokes

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes fleas, flea eggs & flea dirt
  • Use as part of our 2 step Flea and Prevention program:
    Step 1: Use Pet One Slicker Brush/Pin Brush/Detangler Comb to remove any knots or matted fur and use the Bristle
    Brush to smooth out the coat prior to using the flea comb
    Step 2: Use Pet One Flea Comb to remove fleas, flea eggs & flea dirt

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