Pet One Combo Bristle & Metal Pin Brush

Pet One Combo Bristle & Metal Pin Brush

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Pet Ones Classic Grooming Range keeps your pampered pets looking neatly groomed and fabulous with carefully selected high quality grooming tools.
Pet One offer brushes, combs and other grooming items for all creatures great and small. Regular grooming will keep your pet happy, healthy and looking great.

Features & Benefits:

Pin Brush

  • Removes tangled and mildly matted hair
  • Removes dirt build up under your dogs coat
  • Regular combining stimulates skin & hair follicles leaving your dog with a healthy & shiny coat

Bristle Brush

  • Removes lightly tangled fur
  • Stimulates & massages skin
  • Pet OneBristle Brush spreads natural oils throughout your dogs coat. Natural oils repel excess dirt
  • Promotes a smooth & healthy coat

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