Pet One Carrier 30% OFF!!

Pet One Carrier 30% OFF!!

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Need a multi-purpose pet carrier and portable kennel? Pet One portable carriers/kennels are easily assembled and make a highly versatile carrier for transporting your pet on vacations, vet visits, car trips, grooming appointments, pet shows and more! 

Pet One Carriers are durable and made from tough plastic, featuring a secure spring door latch with heavy duty kennel fasteners. The carrier also includes a removable plastic floor mat that allows urine to be drained away from your pet.

Available in various sizes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Plastic lightweight construction
  • Substantial ventilation and durable folding carrying handles make this the perfect travel crate for pets
  • Convenient metal access doors with easy to squeeze front lock mechanism that opens the door in one easy action
  • Stay Dry Tray allows liquids to pass through the tray and settle at the bottom of the carrier, away from pet
  • Great for protecting your pet during travel, keeping them safe and secure


Sizing -

Small - 48x31x30cm

Medium -56x36x34cm


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