Pet Head Puppy Fun Shampoo Yummy Orange 475ml

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The extra-gentle, hypoallergenic, tearless Pet Head Puppy Fun shampoo is free of harsh chemicals and pH balanced for a pup's more sensitive skin - no petroleum derivitives, sulphate, DEA, parabens or propylene glycol - safe even if licked or swallowed. Your pup gets an enjoyable bath without tears. Also excellent for wriggly pups or adult dogs where it's harder to avoid shampoo getting near their eyes.


Includes Shea Butter - a rich emollient that soothes for supple, moisturised skin and coat - plus Safflower Oil to naturally nourish skin and coat and retain moisture without stripping the coat of its natural oils - perfect for regular bathing. And the scent - wow! As one customer described it: like an orange popsicle! They call it Yummy Orange for good reason, like freshly squeezed orange juice. No 'fake' chemical citrus smell. Smells good enough to eat! Plus it really lasts too. Dilute 16:1


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