Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Spray BLUEBERRY MUFFIN 450ml

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This blueberry muffin scented Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Spray Shampoo in generous 450ml spray bottle, is great for road trips, a quick freshen up between baths, spot-cleans in the salon or on the go, for those unpleasant what-did-you-just-roll-in emergencies, and for anxious pets who dislike baths. Super convenient, fast way to clean the coat. Spray on, non-rinse formula cleanses without water. PH balanced for dogs skin. No harsh chemicals. Free of petroleum derivatives and DEA - safe even if licked or swallowed. We don't know they do it, but when Pet Head says Blueberry Muffin - they mean it. Leaves the coat smelling like freshly baked, sweet blueberry muffins. No suprise really. It's something Bed Head also got a cult-following for, and Pet Head is the same. Delicious.

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