Pet Head Crazy Cat Lady Deodorizer 175ml

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We love the smlle and the name makes us laugh... One quick spray of Pet Head Crazy Cat Lady keeps stinky pets and pet areas smelling delicious, Use on the coat, on their bedding, around litter trays, in the car, at the salon, kennels or clinic. Eliminates unpleasant odours, even urine! Use for any icky pet scents. Fresh scent of old-fashioned lemonade mixed with a burst of fresh-squeezed oranges and fresh-picked strawberries - plus it lasts! No fake perfume smell, just yum. Masks unpleasant odours instantly. Use twice daily for really stinky litter trays. Use anywhere in the home, kennel or cattery for a fresh scent. Eco-friendly ingredients. pH balanced. Free of petroleum derivatives and DEA.

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