Nylabone Dental Crazy Ball

Nylabone Dental Crazy Ball

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The odd-shaped Nylabone Crazy Ball is a fun new take on a classic dog ball that offers limitless chasing, fetching, and bouncing fun! This bouncy dog toy has six raised sides and is covered with a grippy texture, giving your furry friend multiple grab points for easy pick up. No matter what surface you’re playing on, dogs will go crazy for the Crazy Ball’s fascinating bounce—it even bounces on grass! This ball for dogs can also be thrown up to 125 feet and has a hollow core that can make a whistling sound as it soars. Finally, a fun dog toy that steps up the challenge in your typical chase and fetch game! Bounce crazier, chase farther, and play harder with the Original Crazy Ball textured dog ball!

Note that this is not a chew toy, it is designed for interactive play and should not be left with your dog unsupervised.

Features / Highlights
– Six raised sides create multiple grab points for easy pickup
– Dog ball toy with erratic bounce helps develop dogs’ agility and increases fetch and chase challenge
– Interactive dog toy can be thrown up to 125 feet
– Durable dog toy made of heavy-duty natural rubber with nubs
– Perfect for dogs of all ages

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