Northland Petfood Hypoallergenic Christmas Hamper

Northland Petfood Hypoallergenic Christmas Hamper

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Christmas Is Just About Here!


Get your pupper or a friend's pup a REAL treat for Christmas with this winning Christmas Pack!

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Made up of some of our finest and most popular treats, these packs are guaranteed to make any pup feel special on Christmas morning!

In this pack suitable for all dogs we have:

- 300g Bag of Marshmallows: A.K.A. Puppy Crack! Our most popular treat and fantastic all-rounder is sure to please!

- 100g Bag of Green Lipped Mussels: Packed with flavour and great for joint health.

- 2 x Natural Venison Ears: Delicious medium chew and mild enough for all dogs to enjoy.

- 1 x Veal Bone: Perfect for dental health and keeping dogs mentally stimulated

- 2 x Venison Gullet: Perfect for any size pup who likes to chew!

- 1 x Venison Hoof: A great teeth cleaner and packed with nutrients!


The lucky pup who receives this pack for Christmas will be stocked up throughout the holiday season with treats!

Also, check out our Normal Christmas Pack for all dogs!

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