Natura NO-PULL Headcollar

Natura NO-PULL Headcollar

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Are you tired of being dragged around by your dog when out for a walk, or have you started not going out because they are to much to handle? We have the answer for you and your dog.

After years of knowing that there was a better way to teach dogs to heel, we are excited to introduce our new NO-PULL Headcollars. These headcollars are as easy to use as any regular collar or halter and have near instant results with dogs that pull!!

In as little as 5 minutes of training the dog will learn not to pull in this pain free and positive headcollar. A bit of gentle training is required to get them used to the feel of the headcollar, and in no time at all you will be wishing you had found this years ago!

Unlike other headcollars that are very specific sizes, we have 2 sizes, the Small is for small to medium sized dogs and the Med is for medium to large sized dogs. No more wasted money on trying to get the right size. 

Easily adjustable to suit a wide range of dogs, these easy to clean halters are Proudly New Zealand Made.


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