Kong Squeak Air 3 Pack

Kong Squeak Air 3 Pack

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The perfect size for your ball obsessed small dog! Perfect for their wee mouths, they are able to pick them up and squeak them for hours of entertrainment! Great for puppies too!

The KONG AirDog Squeakair Ball combines two classic dog toys — the tennis ball and the squeaker toy — to create the perfect fetch toy. Our durable, high-quality Squeakair tennis ball will not wear down a dog’s teeth. It’s made with a special nonabrasive felt, compared to the abrasive material on normal tennis balls.

Key Benefits:

  • Perfect for games of fetch
  • Squeaker to induce play
  • Nonabrasive tennis material will not wear down your dog's teeth
  • Extra small 2.5cm diamater
  • Small 5cm diameter

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