Natura Joint Supplement

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"My face may be white but my heart is pure gold"

As our loyal friends start nearing their golden years it is important to help them stay comfortable as best you can. The supplement is great to help protect and delay the effects of joint deterioration and arthritis. For those that are already showing stiffness, difficulty getting up, jumping and a general slow down in their mobility this is an exceptional product. It is jam packed with Chondroitin and Glucosamine, the 2 most important ingredients in aiding and improving mobility as well as reducing the painful side effects that come with arthritis.

This is a supplement so depending on the dogs weight you add the relevant number of small biscuits into their normal meals . For example a 25kg dog would be getting 6 [raisin sized] biscuits added to their normal food. A 1 kg bag would last a medium sized dog 2-3 months so really great value. 

It also has the added benefit of being able to treat the dog symptomatically. Say for example your old pooch spent the weekend playing at the beach like a pup, you can increase their dosage for the next few days as they are a bit stiffer. Or as the weather improves and they are not as stiff, reduce their intake. 

In as little as 2 weeks you will start seeing your dog improve and be more comfortable- such a small thing can give them such great rewards- I love the product and what it does for your older dogs!

This has the same effects in younger dogs who have had injuries, surgeries, blown cruciates etc. We have had great success with working dogs becoming sound and dramatic improvements in post surgical mobility.

"My little old dog, a heartbeat at my feet "

Recommended Dosage: For the first 2 weeks the following dosage can be doubled to allow the ingredients to build up in the bloodstream:

Daily Maintenance Requirements:

Toy Breeds (up to 5Kg) 2 Biscuits 150 Day Supply
Small Dogs (5 - 15Kg) 4 Biscuits 75 Days Supply
Medium Dogs (15-25Kg) 6 Biscuits 60 Days Supply
Large Dogs (25-45 Kg) 9 Biscuits  33 Days Supply
Giant Breeds (45Kg +) 12 Biscuits 25 Days Supply

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