Halti Harness

Halti Harness

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Halti Harness

The Halti Harness has a unique patented front attachment system that controls the dog from his chest and shoulders - an effective point of control. The HALTI Harness stops pulling, calms over-boisterous dogs and simplifies training and behavioural therapy.

Key Benefits:

  • The halti harness gives total control over the dog's shoulders and thus sets the direction in which he can move.
  • The specially padded design is extremely comfortable for the dog to wear and is suitable for all breeds.
  • Includes a comprehensive training guide.

Made Specifically For: Dogs that need some stronger encouragement to stop pulling

* See guidelines for sizing -


Measure around the barrel of your dogs chest an inch or two back from the "armpits".

Small: 30 - 60 cm
Medium: 60 - 80 cm
Large: 80 - 100 cm


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