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Our Maintenance range is the go to for your healthy happy adult dog. The pricing is phenomenal when compared to the options offered by the vets. The 20KG Value Bag comes in at $139 and is up to 30% cheaper than their options, their options are also only 12.8Kgs so ours is more than 7Kgs extra. It is cleaner and independently tested by Massey University to meet and Exceed the International AAFCO Standards for dog food and even better it is NZ MADE.

This is a favourite for dogs all over, it is made from NZ Beef from the human food chain and wild caught Fish that is free from heavy metals.

Maintenance comes in 3 sizes of biscuit so we have something for all breeds. We have the Mini [ Raisin sized], Button/Med [ 50c coin] and the Nugget / Lrg [1/2 Business card], all available in 5Kg and 20Kg bags.

It is also good for dogs that have mild itching/ mild tummy issues or for those that are slightly rotund [ or as we like to say - plus sized doggy models!]

Check out the FAQ section on how to change your dog over to new food.

Feeding Guide: 1 - 1.5 cups (100-150gms) per 10kg of dog weight per day.

Full Maintenance available in: Mini's (raisin sized) Buttons (50c coin) Nuggets (lrg biscuits)

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