Flexi Classic Retractable Leash - Cord

Flexi Classic Retractable Leash - Cord

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Enjoy a new leash experience with the Flexi Classic Retractable Cord Dog Leash in various colours and Sizes.

From the company that has a history of innovation, beginning with their original high-tech retraction system, this leash runs smoothly in and out so that your dog can run freely—and that’s just the start. 

Flexi retractable leashes never slacken as they are always subject to slight tension. With the help of the integrated braking system, you are always able to guide and command your dog. By pushing the brake button with your thumb and a slight pull on the leash you give your dog short orders or lead him back to you. An additional permanent stop function allows you to fix the Flexi leash at a certain length.


Key Benefits:


  • Runs smoothly in and out so that your dog can roam freely, or be restrained at the perfect length.
  • Short-stop one-handed braking system is reliable and makes it possible to direct your pup easily.
  • Compatible with the Flexi Multi Box Dog Leash Accessory or Flexi LED Lighting System for added convenience.

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