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BioPet Fleas 90ml

BioPet Fleas 90ml

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Bio Pet Flea Bite Relief

A powerful blend of homeopathic remedies designed to desensitise your pet to flea bites. Given orally via the water bowl, BioPet Fleas can be given right through the summer with no risk of toxicity or side effects. BioPet Fleas can be used on all mammals including guinea pigs, rabbits and rats. BioPet Fleas does not claim to be a repellent.

BioPet products are an innovative range of compound homeopathic remedies, the culmination of 15 year’s clinical veterinary experience. Designed specifically for animals by Head of Research and Development Fiona Lane, in conjunction with New Zealand's leading Veterinary Homeopath. BioPet products enable you to use natural medicine for your pet health needs.

Key Benefits

  • Desensitise your pet to flea bites.
  • Easy to administer with a spray bottle, simply spray in the pet's mouth. 

Made Specifically for: Pets with flea bites