Addiction Steakhouse Beef & Zucchini Entree

Addiction Steakhouse Beef & Zucchini Entree

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A fantastic NEW Raw Dehydrated range from Addiction!

This mouth-watering combination of large chunks of wholesome free-range New Zealand beef and refreshing zucchini is a great way to keep dogs of all life stages at the peak of their vitality. Packed full of tantalizing beef chunks and completely free from grain 'filler', our air-dried steakhouse dinner is a great choice for dogs who have food sensitivities. Made with over 50% superior New Zealand beef from free-range cattle that graze on lush open pastureland and are certified free from BSE (and other diseases caused by poor farming practices), this hearty food is rich in high-quality proteins and packed with essential amino acids for your dog's long-term health and well being.

Key Benefits:

  • grain-free
  • free-range New Zealand beef
  • protein-packed for optimum vitality
  • contains nutritious sweet summer zucchinis

Made Specifically For dogs from all life stages

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