ADDICTION - About us

Someday All Pet Food Will Be Made This Way

Rethinking: Pet Food

Addiction started in 2002 when our founder – a leading holistic veterinary surgeon and clinical nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience– began to notice that everyday pet foods were under nourishing our pets and, in fact, causing them harm.

Identifying a pattern between the painful skin and gastrointestinal problems in the pets he was treating and a lack of nutrition in their diets, he set out to research what pet foods were available. He found that most foods were not providing our pets with the nutrients they need to stay fit, healthy and active. The unhealthy combinations of fats, grains, by-products and additives in these foods were creating harmful food allergies and serious health problems.

Reinventing: A New Approach to Pet Nutrition

Setting out to revolutionize pet food formulation, our founder developed a completely new range of foods inspired by our cats’ and dogs’ natural diets and based on providing them with all the nutrients they need to thrive. He formulated recipes around premium proteins and high quality wild game meats – meats that were not only much richer in nutrients, but also hypoallergenic and easier to digest.

He added vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds to these meats to intensify their flavor and wholesomeness. The results were simply amazing. Each patient who tried the new food would devour it and ask for more. These pioneer dogs and cats were soon refusing their normal food and only eating these new dishes (hence our brand name ‘Addiction’). More significantly, those patients that were regularly fed Addiction showed significant improvements in skin and coat health and greater overall vitality.

Staying Ahead of the Pack

Encouraged by these results, our founder continued to develop Addiction into a complete range of cutting edge foods to provide the most advanced hypoallergenic nutrition for dogs and cats around the world. 

Made From Premium Proteins and Game Meats

Addiction is proud to have innovated the concept of using Premium Proteins to prevent allergies and promote long term health in pets. We have the widest range of Premium Proteins and Game Meats such as Free-range Venison, Salmon, Kangaroo and Brushtail. Free-range premium proteins are hypoallergenic to pets not previously exposed to them, therefore providing a healthier, natural solution to prevent allergies.


Addiction believes in creating responsible foods that are great for your pets as well as for the environment. We are the first pet food company to pioneer the use of Eco-friendly meats in our efforts to contribute to eco-sustainability. For example, we harvest kangaroos and brushtails, which are considered major agricultural pests, as an alternative to farming traditional meat sources which contribute to deforestation and destruction of the ozone layer. We source only from suppliers that employ sustainable and ethical practices, in line with our eco-friendly philosophy. 

What Nature Intended For Your Pet

Using only natural, wholesome, highest quality ingredients packed with nutritional benefits to enhance health and well-being, Addiction’s range of pet foods contains no artificial preservatives, flavours, fillers or by-products which are commonly found in many of today’s pet and even human foods. We strive to use wild or free-range meats that are not subject to growth hormones and steroids, but are instead raised in a stress-free environment. The result? Food as close to what nature intended, allowing your pet to achieve the highest levels of optimal health possible.

Addiction’s New Zealand Plant

Addiction owns and operates its own manufacturing plant in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand where the lush forests, clean lakes and stringent agricultural and manufacturing standards ensure the highest quality food made in a pristine environment. New Zealand is one of the cleanest places in the world to manufacture pet food and is free from most diseases such as Mad-cow Disease and Foot and Mouth Disease.

Innovation in Whatever We Do

At Addiction, we believe in truly innovating our foods to provide the best quality nutrition, taste and safety for your pets. We are proud to have innovated the concept of using hypoallergenic premium proteins that contain no by-products, fillers or preservatives to prevent allergies and promote wellness and long-term health in pets. We also pioneered the use of low-temperature processing to retain valuable nutrients, co-factors and enzymes in our foods.