10 Reasons to choose Hunter

Our range covers all ages and stages of dogs from large to small, 
Hunter Adult
Hunter Puppy
Hunter Active
Hunter Hypoallergenic
Hunter Grain Be Gone

The above products all come in 1, 5 or 20KG bags and are delivered to your door throughout NZ.

We also do a 1kg Joint Supplement which is ideal for older dogs or dogs with impaired mobility, this is an exceptionally good product. We continue to have amazing results for injured or older dogs.



We at Northland Petfoods believe if you cannot even pronounce the ingredients on the package, you (or your furry Family) should not be eating them!
Love your pet- So do we!
  • Hunter is proudly produced in New Zealand unlike the majority of Premium and cheap dog food in NZ that is produced in China.
  •  All of the products in the range are 100% Wheat Gluten Free, 100% Chicken Free, 100% GE Free, 100% Free of artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives.
  •  Hunter is Extruded not baked, this means that there is a minimum loss of nutrients and vitamins due to the short cooking time.
  • Hunter is enriched with Omega 3, Omega 6, Garlic, Kelp and Rosemary, this gives shiny, healthy coats and helps your dog resist disease and infection.
  • All raw materials are sourced in New Zealand, where ever possible from the human food chain.
  • Hunter does not contain any By-products of hooves, beaks etc often produced through the rendering process of recycled dead animals etc, we only use the best! 
  • Tested by the Massey University, the food is AAFCO approved  (Association of American Food Control Officials). The product has been found to meet or exceed the nutritional requirements as set out by AAFCO. 
  • Hunter is a Premium food and highly digestible, for instance, a premium dry pet food might have an 80% digestibility as opposed to say, 40% for a cheaper dog biscuit. This means that for every 100gm of premium food fed and eaten, 80gm is digested and only 20gm ends up as poop. The same amount of the cheaper brand would end up with only 40gm digested and 60gm of poop.


  • ***The BEST reason for last*** Price tested against other premium brands of dog food mainly sold at vets (Hills Science Diet, Eukanuba, Proplan, Nutrience and Iams Included), we averaged from 22 to 41 % cheaper!!!!!!!!!