Omega Plus- King Salmon Duck & Smoked Salmon 375g

Omega Plus- King Salmon Duck & Smoked Salmon 375g

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Salmon is a well-known superfood, and at Omega Plus, they believe Dogs should get the incredible health benefits from King salmon too. That's why our complete range of pet food has New Zealand King Salmon as the #1 ingredient. Omega Plus Premium dog food has been specifically developed to provide the highest canine nutrition for the wellbeing of your dog - with only the best ingredients.


King Salmon is a tasty, high-quality protein that helps maintain lean muscles and is a good source of Mega 3 fatty acids.


Duck is an easily digestible protein source, rich in amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins & minerals. Helping to support muscle development and a healthy coat.


Smoked King Salmon, with a deep, rich and sophisticated flavour to get tails wagging. 

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