Roam Puppy Formula

Roam Puppy Formula

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Puppy Formula

Biophive Puppy Formula is made from Deer Blood, Deer Bone and Deer Antler Velvet.  Deer Blood is rich in iron and also contains Insulin Growth Factors (IGF-1 and IGF-2) to support growth. Deer Antler Velvet is used to promote growth and immune sustem development while Deer Bone is a rich, natural source of calcium to support skeletal and dental development.

This formula will help your puppy grow into a strong, fit dog.

Biophive Puppy Formula can

- Promote growth in puppies

- Support joint development to minimise the chance of joint issues later in life

- Help your puppy grow strong healthly teeth and bones

Biophive Puppy Formula is best suited to

- All puppies regardless of diet

- Young rescued dogs where nutritional history is unknown

100% Natural Pet Supplements

Low nutrient diets mean our pets are too often deficient in many necessary proteins and minerals.  Deprived of these vital nutrients the quality of life for our pets can deteriorate.

Biophive introduces a new range of all natural supplements based on the medicinal benefit of Deer Products.

Unlike other pet supplement products, Biophive supplements are made up of naturally occurring supplements that your pet would normally consume in the wild.

  • 100% protein based - no herbs, vegetables, plants or fruit
  • 100% natural - no chemicals, preservatives or additives
  • New Zealand Venison based formulas with Green Lipped Mussel

Our ingredients have been used in eastern medicinal practices for over 2000 years.

  • Deer Velvet Antler for a range of ailments
  • Deer Placenta for healthy skin and hair
  • Deer Tails for pain management and reproductive function
  • Deer Bone for bone strength

Each formula is a 100% natural alternative to drugs and has no known side effects and is not known to contradict or conflict with any other treatments.

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