Natura Grain Be Gone

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Wild Caught Fish and Potato, this is another sensitive range for dogs with food allergies. Free from Red Meat/ Chicken, Grain and all of the other Nasties,

This is the back up to our Super Sensitive HYPOALLERGENIC food. We find 99% of the dogs we deal with are allergic to Wheat [ not grains as commonly led to believe] So if you are trying to eliminate the causes of an itchy dog start with the Hypoallergenic Range. If there is no improvement on the Hypoallergenic range or you know for sure that your dog is allergic to Grains then this is the correct food for you.

This food is rich in flavour so needs to be gently transitioned onto over a 3-5 days. Check out our FAQ section to find out more on how to do this.

Feeding Guide: 1 - 1.5 cups (100gm- 150gms) per 10kg of dog weight per day.

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