Itchy Dog Range

 Northland Petfood Natural New Zealand Made Dog Food

This collection of products is designed for those of us with dogs that have sensitive skin and tummies. The ingredients used are of the highest quality and designed to help your pet to improve not only their gut and immune health but also their skin.

Our food options include Novel proteins and hypoallergenic formulas to stop food-related itching. Our Hypoallergenic Itch Buster is one of the most phenomenal products on the market, with consistent rave reviews from dog owners around the country. This product is the equivalent to the Vets Sensitive option that sells for around $160 for an 8kg bag, at that price medium to large breed dogs can cost up to $400 per month to feed- the other alternative is to pump them full of Prednisone or Apoquel which is the ambulance at the bottom of the hill. 

The arrival of our Washbar range is much anticipated, having had tremendous results from it with our family dog who is severely grass allergic. I am excited to bring this product on board so that we can continue to help dogs with sensitive skin New Zealand wide. All-natural and NZ made, the products are good enough to use on your family as well.

We have worked hard to take the guesswork out of the available options for those not sure what are the right products for their itchy pets. With so much conflicting information out there, we have made it easy! If you have itchy or sensitive dogs, be sure to use the PINK Bordered products. They are hypoallergenic and great for dogs who have food allergies known or unknown. Dogs without sensitivities can enjoy this delicious range as well! The GREEN bordered products are best for dogs who do not have any skin or itching issues. **Washbar products are all Hypoallergenic.

Please call us to discuss your pets individual issues. We are happy to work with you on a customized plan moving forward to A- help relieve your dog's symptoms and B- Work out the possible causes of them.

We specialize in dealing with itchy dogs, working with you to heal them from the inside out. 

Watch this space as we continue to add awesome New Zealand made products to the range to help your itchy pets!

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