Catering for the fussiest felines, we select only the best, have the best range on offer for fussy cats from dry food, raw food, wet food to treat and everything in between.

Addiction & Wishbone dry cat food is totally unique in that it is 100% New Zealand made using Free Range sources of protein giving your cat the very best of 'grain free' food available. Rich in palatability your cat will love eating fresh NZ made food that makes them healthy, happy and content. The Addiction Salmon Bleu has converted even the fussiest of felines and is our top seller, vet quality but cleaner.

NEW*** Ziwi Peak Provenance Series

Whether a keen hunter or one who sleeps the day away, all cats are carnivores.

That’s why our cat food recipes feature high inclusions of meat, organs, and seafood in PeakPrey™ ratios─ with added superfoods, for a nutritional boost.

What’s not in our recipes is just as important as what is. Every ZIWI Peak recipe is free from high glycemic ingredients, artificial preservatives, and binders.

Select from a variety of air-dried or wet recipes (or a combination of both!), to keep your cat healthy and 


Our New Range Vitakraft treat range  has been especially sourced from Germany as we could not find the section available in New Zealand for such a diverse and tasty range of cat tins, sachets, wet food, treats and chews. We needed to complete our amazing cat food range with equally as good treats and although made in Germany, it is keeping with our high quality standards and desire to be clean and earth friendly.