Natura Joint Supplement

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Our dogs feel the effects of ageing just like we do. As your pup enters their golden years, you may have started noticing signs of stiffness, difficulty getting up, difficulty with jumping and generally slower mobility. We've formulated a supplement specifically for your ageing dog to help protect and delay the effects of joint deterioration and arthritis.

NATURA Joint Supplement is packed with all the good stuff your old dog needs. Full of chondroitin and glucosamine, you will start to see them improve and be more comfortable within as little as two weeks;

  •  NO NASTIES which means no preservatives, flavourants, colourants or additives and is wheat-free.
  • High quality and Hypoallergenic qualities also suitable for dietary sensitivities.
  • Great for injury recovery and post-surgical mobility.
  • Aids mobility and reduces painful side effects that comes with arthritis.
  • Premium AFFCO tested food which is comparable to vet quality supplement brands.

Our entire NATURA range was developed by putting your dog at the centre to provide good, honest nutrition which is 100% New Zealand made. NATURA Joint Supplement is complementary to a healthy diet which means the dosage is dependant on your dogs' weight. 

The NATURA Joint Supplement comes in 1kg and 5kg.

Recommended Dosage/Feeding Guide: For the first two weeks, the following dosage can be doubled to allow the ingredients to build up in the bloodstream.

Daily Maintenance Requirements:

Toy Breeds (up to 5Kg) 2 Biscuits 150 Day Supply


Small Dogs (5 - 15Kg) 4 Biscuits 75 Days Supply


Medium Dogs (15-25Kg) 6 Biscuits 60 Days Supply


Large Dogs (25-45 Kg) 9 Biscuits 33 Days Supply


Giant Breeds (45Kg +) 12 Biscuits 25 Days Supply