Natura Odour Eater

Natura Odour Eater

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Are you on the hunt or struggling to find a pet-friendly product which gets rid of the smell rather than masks it and is all-natural? Our NATURA Odour Eater is fantastic at seeking out and destroying the molecules which cause pet smells in the first place the natural way.

This product is ideal for everyday use in and around the home where pets have been. Apply to anything from pet beds and blankets to car upholstery;

  • Environmentally friendly - no G.E. ingredients
  • NO animal testing
  • Non-toxic
  • Proven cleaning spray which destroys molecules that cause bad smells

Our entire NATURA range was developed by putting your dog at the centre to provide good, honest products which are 100% New Zealand made.

*Keep out of reach of children

*Not to be used directly on animals